Facing the end of a year, and the start of a new decade

I started working at a county shelter in June, and Jan 2nd will be my last day there. It was a mutual decision – I haven’t been happy there for awhile, because I know that I’m not working up to the speed that’s required, and I’m not willing to take shortcuts that some of my coworkers do. Not all. Some are just more efficient than I am, and are able to get everything done in the time allotted. But, they need someone who can do that, and I’m not it.

I turn 40 in a few weeks. I’ve kind of been freaking out about that, feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything, especially since I’m facing unemployment until I find another job.

And for the past several days, I’ve been sick, as have my roommates. So that’s been fun.

I’m still spending most of my online time over on Google Plus, so if you’re looking for more frequent updates, look over there.


About Bevin

I grew up reading stories of all kinds, but the fantasy genre has long been a favorite. Whether it's knights and sorcerors, Jedis or Browncoats, I love them all. I wanted to find my own secret passage to Narnia, study with the Heralds of Valdemar, or become a member of the elven wolfrider pack. I'm sure it was no surprise to my parents that when I discovered there was a club at my college dedicated to medieval life, I'd join. They likely didn't expect that 15 years later, I am still an active member. I acquired the nickname "Bevin the SnarlingBadger" from a friend in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international not-for-profit educational organization which focuses on studying aspects of medieval life through first-person, hands-on research and practice. Yes, for some that means strapping on armor & practicing combat. For others it means studying a particular culture and time period, developing a "slice of life" persona. For me it means exploring arts & sciences, dressing up in pretty gowns, hanging out with other people who enjoy doing things the "hard way." Outside of the SCA, I'm passionate about animal rights & pet nutrition (and I'm trying to convince myself to eat healthier too), I love movies, audiobooks, tv (Netflix and Hulu are frequent accompaniment for craft-time), crochet, handspinning... I've also been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, since I was invited to participate in beta testing. I love the immersive quality of the game, and play primarily to watch the stories develop. So, this is a bit of me. There's more. Thanks for stopping by!
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