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I grew up reading stories of all kinds, but the fantasy genre has long been a favorite. Whether it's knights and sorcerors, Jedis or Browncoats, I love them all. I wanted to find my own secret passage to Narnia, study with the Heralds of Valdemar, or become a member of the elven wolfrider pack. I'm sure it was no surprise to my parents that when I discovered there was a club at my college dedicated to medieval life, I'd join. They likely didn't expect that 15 years later, I am still an active member. I acquired the nickname "Bevin the SnarlingBadger" from a friend in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international not-for-profit educational organization which focuses on studying aspects of medieval life through first-person, hands-on research and practice. Yes, for some that means strapping on armor & practicing combat. For others it means studying a particular culture and time period, developing a "slice of life" persona. For me it means exploring arts & sciences, dressing up in pretty gowns, hanging out with other people who enjoy doing things the "hard way." Outside of the SCA, I'm passionate about animal rights & pet nutrition (and I'm trying to convince myself to eat healthier too), I love movies, audiobooks, tv (Netflix and Hulu are frequent accompaniment for craft-time), crochet, handspinning... I've also been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, since I was invited to participate in beta testing. I love the immersive quality of the game, and play primarily to watch the stories develop. So, this is a bit of me. There's more. Thanks for stopping by!

More thoughts on managing people effectively

Avoid the appearance of favoritism at all costs. Respond to suggestions in a timely manner, even if you aren’t going to implement them. Treat new employees the same as existing employees – if everyone is assigned a locker tagged with … Continue reading

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Facing the end of a year, and the start of a new decade

I started working at a county shelter in June, and Jan 2nd will be my last day there. It was a mutual decision – I haven’t been happy there for awhile, because I know that I’m not working up to … Continue reading

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Mixed feelings

I recently found out a friend is in a new relationship. I’m happy for them, but frustrated that she’s coupled up and I’m still single.

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I’ve been neglecting my blogs for awhile… I’m rarely on Facebook anymore. I’m often on Google Plus. I’ve been struggling with depression a lot lately. I am frustrated with work, with money issues, and tired of being single and alone. … Continue reading

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Occasionally, I write something I’m really proud of.

This is one of these times:

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Update (not so brief)

Looking back over my posts, I realized it’s been ages since I updated anything. The housing situation improved with the move. It’s far from perfect, but it’s better. There are children in the house, which has taken some adjustment. Sometimes … Continue reading

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