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Mixed feelings

I recently found out a friend is in a new relationship. I’m happy for them, but frustrated that she’s coupled up and I’m still single. Advertisements

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I’ve been neglecting my blogs for awhile… I’m rarely on Facebook anymore. I’m often on Google Plus. I’ve been struggling with depression a lot lately. I am frustrated with work, with money issues, and tired of being single and alone. … Continue reading

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Update (not so brief)

Looking back over my posts, I realized it’s been ages since I updated anything. The housing situation improved with the move. It’s far from perfect, but it’s better. There are children in the house, which has taken some adjustment. Sometimes … Continue reading

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An Affirmation of Me

I wrote this on September 11, 2011, over on Google Plus, where I’ve been spending a lot of time lately. But I’m rather postworthy over there, so I wanted to have a copy over here, too. It started out just … Continue reading

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Crocheting a Reef

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a crocheted project. The yarn was originally knit into a sweater, with blocks of different colors and shapes, and if memory serves, it was mostly acrylic. I’d begun to unravel, … Continue reading

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